The Old Road

The First Steps down The Old Road
Session 1 Events

It is just a few weeks before midsummer, and the afternoons in the lush but rocky hills are hot, even oppressive.

Lance, a gnomish paladin of Garl Glittergold, and Miriam, a human cleric of Pelor, both happen to be in the town of Oakhurst on private pilgrimages, seeking righteous deeds to find glory in service to their gods. A local merchant and matriarch, Kerowyn Hucrele, brings them both to her office within her home in Oakhurst, and tells them her tale. Her son and daughter, fancying themselves adventurers, gathered a party of adventurers and set out for some local ruins known as the Sunless Citadel. That was a month ago, and none of them have returned. Expecting them lost, she offers the pair salvage rights and a reward for the signet rings of each of her children. They accept her offer and head out to gather a party to go seeking these other adventurers: Talgen and Sharwyn Hucrele, Karakas, a local ranger, and Sir Braford, a wandering paladin of Pelor.

After a few days of fruitlessly seeking for locals to aid them in their quest, another unlikely pair wander into town. D’Tan, a half-elf alchemist, and his elven mother and wizard companion, Feena, enter town looking for the magical fruit offered every midsummer. Lance offers them an opportunity to aid each other, and they accept, growing the party to four.

They are in conversation over their food and drink when enters Apollo, a ranger who travels these remote lands and who has been in Oakhurst before. Apollo, dry and dusty from the Ashen Wastes, drinks his fill at the bar before noticing an written offer of adventuring with the towering paragon of gnomish pride: Lance, tacked to the wall nearby. Reading of the disappearance of his friend and ranger colleague, Karakas, and the quest to find them, Apollo guesses that the group in conversation nearby may contain this Lance. He heads over and finding Lance is indeed at the table, offers his services to aid in completing this quest.

The group, now five strong and believing themselves capable enough, makes preparations to leave in the morning.

In the morning, their breakfast is disturbed by screaming, panicking peasants. The fearful and superstitious souls spotted a large and rocky figure walking into the town, and thinking it a monster ran to tell the adventurers they knew to be in town. The adventurers, spurred to action, head out to confront the figure. They find instead another adventurer, a man of exotic aspect, made of crystalline stone and seeking the magical fruit to aid his ailing master. After learning that he has arrived at his destination and is close to what he seeks, he joins the party and their adventure into the ruins. They leave later that day.

  • As the sun begins to set, they reach the ravine which opens into the Sunless Citadel, and immediately drop into the depths.
  • Lance is attacked by a trio of dire rats when he reaches a sandy ledge, but they are quickly destroyed.
  • Party walks down the stairs into the ravine and find the Sunless Citadel at the bottom, surrounded by rubble heaped up to the battlements
  • The party evades a trap and enters a tower at the edge of the citadel
  • They move through the tower and find a chamber with a broken cage and a despondent kobold, Meepo.
  • Meepo tells them he wants them to help him reclaim the white dragon wyrmling that the goblins stole from the kobolds.
  • Meepo takes them to see the kobold leader, Yusadryl. After some negotiation with Yavma, the kobolds agree to reward the party for recovering the dragon.
  • Meepo guides them to the back passages that lead to the goblin area of the citadel (there is a shorter, “front” entrance that is heavily trapped and guarded from both ends).
  • The party finds the tracks of the other adventuring party, whom Yusadryl had mentioned had gone to fight the goblins and had not returned.
  • They find a dry fountain that magically produced a potion of firebreath when triggered. To keep the potion from being lost in the dry, scummy depths of the basin, D’Tan drank it as it oozed from the fountain’s spout.
  • They also find a sealed door with a crypt on the other side. Within the crypt were several skeletons that the party handily destroyed, thanks to the potion of firebreath.
  • The party then decided to take a brief rest within the crypt.
The Story So Far
The party gathers in Oakhurst

Apollo, a human ranger who frequents these remote lands, emerges from a lonely trek across the Ashen Wastes.

D’Tan Redleaf, a half-elven alchemist, travels to find the magical fruit to heal his father, whose aging body is weakened by years of unusually hard use. Along with him travels his mother, Feena, a full-blooded elf wizard, who seeks the secrets of the magical fruit for her own purposes.

Lance, a gnomish paladin of Garl Glittergold, and Miriam, a human cleric of Pelor, seek righteous quests to embark upon.

Yavma, a Cynean Monk from another plane of existence, travels through a portal to seek the magical fruit to heal his ailing master.

In the days before midsummer, when the magical healing fruit is supposed to be offered forth, these adventuresome souls find themselves converging on the town of Oakhurst.


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