The Old Road

The Story So Far

The party gathers in Oakhurst

Apollo, a human ranger who frequents these remote lands, emerges from a lonely trek across the Ashen Wastes.

D’Tan Redleaf, a half-elven alchemist, travels to find the magical fruit to heal his father, whose aging body is weakened by years of unusually hard use. Along with him travels his mother, Feena, a full-blooded elf wizard, who seeks the secrets of the magical fruit for her own purposes.

Lance, a gnomish paladin of Garl Glittergold, and Miriam, a human cleric of Pelor, seek righteous quests to embark upon.

Yavma, a Cynean Monk from another plane of existence, travels through a portal to seek the magical fruit to heal his ailing master.

In the days before midsummer, when the magical healing fruit is supposed to be offered forth, these adventuresome souls find themselves converging on the town of Oakhurst.



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